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Let’s take a little Thai tour. We’ll start with Davis’ newest Thai addition, Thai Canteen. I had heard from a Coldwell Banker colleague that the food was good. That’s all I had heard. After a dinner at Seasons with my aunt and uncle, Jon and I stopped in on the walk back to our car. We were both instantly surprised at how hip the place was. The décor is modern and fun with bright colors, a concrete bar and a large community table in the front. In the back the tables are smaller for intimate seating, with a large window cut into the back wall with a perfect view into the new, clean kitchen.

inside Thai Canteen from davislifemagazineIt was after 10 p.m. when we stopped in and the place was bustling with students. That’s why I love living in a college town. If it wasn’t for the students, our downtown would be shutdown by 9 p.m. every night. In the back a group of guys were drinking beer out of a large beer tower with a frozen tube of ice in the middle. I snapped their photo and they asked me to take more with their phones for Facebook. They then offered me a beer which I kindly declined.

The mood was festive as though everyone was celebrating a new Davis hangout and it was infectious. When we stopped at the bar to visit with the owner one of the Seasons servers was there and introduced himself. He then offered me Sake and we shared a shot glass of the smoothest Sake I’ve ever had. Usually it’s like choking down paint thinner. I can’t wait to go back to try the food. You order at the counter and the food is then cooked to order. This helps to keep the costs down and incorporates the “Canteen” theme.

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Many diners have probably dismissed Thai Canteen automatically for being the eighth Thai place in Davis. But they shouldn't - the restaurant serves up Thai food in a fresh style that's unlike any other in the city. College students should immediately appreciate the prices, which range from $6.95 to 8.50 for an entrée and don't come with an obligatory 15 percent tip - customers order and pay at the counter.

inside Thai CanteenHowever, that doesn't mean guests only receive mundane counter service. Thai Canteen's friendly employees are continuously checking in on tables, filling water glasses and even offering to tone down the spice levels for diners unbeknownst to authentic Thai spice levels.

Students can also take advantage of the restaurant's free Wi-Fi to do some late night studying, as it's open daily until 2 a.m. Thai Canteen's menu plays host to a number of "snacks," small plates that are often fried and ideal for sharing. Best of all, the food comes out in minutes. Literally.
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In mid-November, Thai Canteen opened their doors in hopes of survival as it entered into the wild plethora of Davis’ eight Thai restaurants.The Thai Canteen is located on E street, just down from the Hot-Dogger. This location has so far proved to be a cursed location, as the previous Crepe House and Chef’s Market did not satisfy Davis consumers for long. Next door, Yogurt Shack also recently went out of business, losing to five other popular yogurt shops. When you walk inside you are not only greeted with bright and modern Ikea-meets-Crayola décor, but with by a friendly owner.

The owner, a young man from Thailand, is very helpful at the counter as he makes recommendations and goes over the different sections of the menu.The menu has almost everything that over-priced Kat Mo Ree has a few blocks over, but for half the price. Appetizers and soups are a mere five dollars and rice or noodle plates for seven.

Thai Canteen knows how to please the college students with of its fast-service, reasonable prices, and late hours. This restaurant is open until 2am five nights a week, which is rare but a great addition for this college town. Thai Canteen FoodI tried the tom kha, a chicken coconut soup, and beef pad khing, a stir-fry plate with rice. They were both deliciously fresh and had just enough spice. The food was not overly-greasy and tasted like a home-cooked meal. Not to mention, the Thai Canteen makes a mean thai iced tea with free refills. Thai Canteen is the perfect addition to Davis’ downtown businesses and will hopefully stay serving longer than its locations previous and neighboring food joints.
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