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1 kana moo grob 7.25
  crispy house-cured pork belly stir-fried with Chinese broccoli  
2 kao nar bpet 8.95
  grilled honey roasted duck over rice  
3 goong gra-tiem 8.50
  pan-fried prawns in Thai garlic pepper  
4 kang kari 7.25
  mild yellow curry of chicken, carrots, & potatoes  
5 panang nuer 7.25
  beef in semi-spicy kaffir panang curry  
6 kao pad poo 8.95
  crab fried rice  
choice of chicken, pork, beef or tofu 7.25
prawns or calamari 8.25
7 pad gra prow  
  stir-fried bell peppers, onions, chili and basil  
8 pad khing  
  stir-fried peppers, mushroom, onions, & fresh ginger  
9 pad priew wan  
  sautéed tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, green onions,  
  & pineapples in sweet & sour sauce  
10 pad med mamuang  
  stir-fried cashew nuts, water chestnuts, onions & roasted chilies
11 praramrong song  
  choice of meat with curried peanut sauce  
  served over steamed spinach  
12 kao pad kiow wan  
  green curry fried rice  
13 kang kiow wan  
  eggplant, bell peppers & basil in green curry  
14 som tum 6.25
  green papaya string beans tomatoes  
  peanuts tossed in garlic lime juice  
15 yum shiang hai 6.95
  translucent shiang hai noodles minced chicken  
  tossed w/ roasted chili paste lime lemongrass  
16 larb gai 6.95
  minced chicken tossed w/ parched rice ginger chili lime juice
17 yum mamuang 7.25
  green mango prawns onions dry coconut  
  toasted cashew w/ vinaigrette  
18 nuer namtok 7.25
  grilled sliced steak tossed with parched rice  
  in kaffir, lemongrass, & chili lime juice  
19 larb bpet 8.25
  salad of diced duck breast, cilantro, shallot, and parched rice w/ chili lime juice  
20 tom yum ( with prawns add 1.50 ) 4.50
  chicken, lemongrass, kaffir leaves, cilantro  
  mushroom, & tomatoes in spicy & sour broth  
21 tom kha 4.50
  chicken, lemongrass, kaffir leaves, cilantro,  
  mushroom in coconut milk broth  
22 khanom pak gard ( not noodle ) 7.25
  pan-fried turnip cakes with egg, sprouts, and  
  chives served with ‘Sriracha’ sauce  
23 gkuay dtiow reur 7.25
  flank steak, beef stew & meat balls served with  
  chinese brocoli in rice noodle soup  
24 giow nahmmu daeng (w/ egg noodle add $1.00) 7.25
  soup of Thai pork wontons with roast pork  
25 bamee bpet yang 8.95
  grilled honey roasted duck and egg noodle soup  
choice of chicken, pork, beef or tofu 7.25
prawns or calamari 8.25
26 padthai  
  stir-fried rice stick noodle with egg, nuts, sprouts, & chives  
27 pad kee mao  
  wide rice noodles stir-fried with bell peppers,  
  green bean, basil, & Thai chili  
28 pad si ew  
  wide rice noodles stir-fried with Chinese broccoli and egg in Thai sweet soy sauce  
  Thai sweet soy sauce  
29 paupia 4.95
  crispy vegetable sping rolls  
30 gai satay 5.95
  grilled skewered marinated strips of chicken  
31 kieow za 4.95
  pan-fried chicken &shrimp dumplings  
32 plamuk tod 5.95
  salt & pepper golden calamari  
33 Tao hoo tod 4.95
  fried tofu with sweet & sour sauce  
34 peurk tod 4.95
  crispy taro fries  
35 kao phod tod 4.95
  deep fried sweetcorn patties  
36 peak gai tod 5.95
  fried chicken wings  
37 tod man pla 5.95
  fried fish cakes with cucumber relish & peanuts  
38 goong ka bok 5.95
  crispy shrimp rolls  
steamed rice 1.25
brown rice 2.00
sticky rice 2.00
roti 1.50
peanut sauce 1.25
thai fried egg 1.25
thai iced tea / iced coffee 2.50
regular iced tea 1.75
fountain drink 1.75
bottled water 1.50
hot tea 1.75
coconut juice 2.75
palm juice 2.75

*Please ask us about our beer, wine and sake
**Our descriptions do not include all ingredients. Please see manager if you have food allergies, dietary restriction or preferences, or your dish requires special preparation.

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